Suzanne Rhodenbaugh

Selected Works

Southern roots, sundry hurts, hells and losses, to home again.
Poems that move from The South to a wider world and witness.
Includes "Rudy and John" (first publ. in Ascent, on work with the United Mine Workers);"One Heart's Canon" (first publ. in The American Scholar, on poetry I love); "Illegitimacy and Stigma: Living with the Burn" (first publ. in Michigan Quarterly Review, on unwed motherhood and adoption).
Edited Non-fiction
The Civil War diary of a Georgia girl in Louisiana.

The Whole Shebang

A Gold Rain at Lonelyfarm

That rare peculiar rain comes heightening,
turns the clay gold from red.

And for a while, the after-rain light
delays dark settling in.

A sorry patch of tobacco leaves waves.
It slopes away to the road.

Lightning bugs whiten the weedhairs,
some loose ones by the back steps.

Itíll be coming dark now.
Darkíll come and be my fault.

What I want and my fault,
darkíll move on the house in the field.

(First published in Fine Madness.)